Independence Day 2013

For decades I have used certain days for reflection, goal-setting, and adjusting my attitudes and actions as necessary in order to achieve written objectives prescribed each year for me, my family, and ministry.  The fourth of July is one of the holidays on which I reflect concerning our country and my relationship as a believer-citizen.

Don’t let that hyphenated term throw you.  When I use believer-citizen, I am referencing legal American citizens who are Christ followers.  Definition of terms has never been more important in America, since we have morphed into a nation that is very different at the core than the one birthed 237 years ago.  To anyone knowledgeable of authentic (as opposed to revised-to-accommodate-modern-political-correctness-and-liberal-adgendas) American history, the contrast in character of national leaders then and now is nothing short of alarming.

The header which opened America’s Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, is only the beginning of the contrasts.  The unanimous of “The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America” (emphasis mine) has become instead partisan gridlock amongst national leaders, with each of two primary parties blaming the other.  However, a lack of character on the part of those occupying seats of leadership has led to nothing short of dishonesty amongst the ruling elite and distrust by the citizenry who put them into office.

Further, the opening sentence of the Declaration highlights a second significant contrast in the line, “ … to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them … “  Finding it necessary to dissolve the political bands that once tied them to Great Britain, our founders focused on the principles of God’s Word as a compass to guide them and a light to direct them into the future of the greatest experiment of national freedom ever known.

However, the Word that was once a lamp lighting our pathway to righteous national life and freedom is either banned or scoffed at by political elitists whose lack of godly character breeds corruption in almost everything they touch.  When United States congressional delegates operate outside the bounds of honesty and integrity, we hear them bullying their peers with statements such as “You have to pass it (referring to ObamaCare) in order to find out what’s in it.”  That insanity is only superseded by the insanity of an electorate that would return either Nancy Pelosi or Barrack Hussein Obama to office for an additional term.

Almost every line in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights is being violated today.  However, there is still hope—if every believer-citizen will use this 237th Independence Day to reflect, reason, and resolve.  Our hope is in neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties.  More than a little leaven has leavened both lumps.

So, as we reflect on how far America has drifted from our founding moorings, we can better understand the negative repercussions that blare at us from every newscast.  Reason tells us that our abandonment of honesty and integrity has led to unprecedented corruption, but an about face—a return to the principles that once made us great—is our best hope.

However, to recognize our errors and to reason our way to a viable solution, will also require a third step—resolve to become once again people of honesty and integrity.  Where does that begin?  I would suggest 2 Chronicles 7:14.

BTW, do you pray?  If so, would you join me in the life application of that verse?  That will require praying from a broken and contrite heart.  “If my people … called by my name … humble themselves … and pray … and seek my face … and turn from their wicked ways … “  Each of those are steps of honesty, integrity, and repentance, and are our responsibilities as believer-citizens.

Then God’s part kicks into play!  “ … then I will hear from heaven … and will forgive their sin … and will heal their land.

I love America!  That does not make me blind to our problems.  The solution to our problems is not government, but rather God.  The same God on which our founders relied for guidance to greatness.

Dale on Coronado (CA)

Dale on Coronado (CA)

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