NOTE: Please read this page carefully as it will give you some important information pertaining to my blog.

Most of what you will find here is posts about my ministry here in Great Britain as well as posts about my family and to my family. Since we are not able to be together as much as we would like, this serves as a great way to stay connected to both family and friends.

You will also find posts about my travels and other things of interest to me. There will also be some great pictures (hopefully) for those of you who have never been to Europe that I will post as I get around the country side. So stay tuned because you never know when you will see, or read something of interest to you. You may even see your name at various times.

For those who are only interested in particular topics, I have set up various categories so you can limit your search to a particular topic of interest. These will appear in the sidebar with the corresponding number of posts for that particular category.

Finally, in the “META” section, located at the bottom of the sidebar, you will find an RSS Feed (actually, 2 RSS Feeds: One for Entries and one for Comments). By activating this, you will be able to see when I have made new posts without ever having to actually open the blog (or when someone has left a comment). Then if a new post (or comment) is there, just click on the link and you are ready to read.

I am excited you have come to my blog.  Just like everyone else, I love it when I know who is reading my blog.  Feel free to leave a comment on any post, but understand that any rude or profane comments will be deleted and you’ll be banned from posting on my blog again.  This is my blog, not yours. I do not come into your home and act in a rude or profane manner, so please do not do so on my blog.