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A Living Hero

On this seventh anniversary of one of American’s darkest days – September 11 – I am reflecting on many things … the events of that fateful day … the carnage … the hatred that was directed toward America … the innocent men, women, and children who died … the brave men and women who gave their lives trying to rescue the perishing …

But my mind had already been pondering these things for several days already.  For example, earlier this week I sat for a few minutes in the visitor’s center parking lot at Michigan’s Selfridge ANG base, waiting for a new friend to arrive.  There had been a miscommunication and my name was not on the list of visitors with authorization to come on base, so I was waiting on SgtMjr Timothy Lamar to come escort me on base.

Within perhaps five minutes of my phone call to his office, the SgtMjr passed my Suburban, yelling “Dale?” as he did so.  After parking his motorcycle, he jumped in the truck with me.  We shook hands and introduced ourselves to each other, and we headed to lunch at Mulligan’s, a small restaurant that is still (for the time being) a part of the aging military installation, operated by the National Guard, but which also serves as home to a US Marine detachment as well.  But I digress …

The United States Marine Corps has a reputation amongst Americans and the American military as a whole.  They’re known as “The Few, the Proud, the Marines,” but they can also be some of the most humble, “gentle giants” that one could ever meet.  Such a Marine is Tim Lamar … a husband, father of four … and veteran of three tours in Iraq and 26 years in the Corps … so he will dispute with me when I say this, but … oh well …

While Tim Lamar is “just dad” to four awesome children … and perhaps has a “honey-do list” waiting at home at the end of the day from his wonderful wife because he’s “just a husband” when he sheds the “utilities,” dons civilian clothes and rides that bike home … he is a living hero to me.

Maybe it because my oldest soon Justin, a career Marine of 15 years, a captain only a few months from making Major, gave his life in the sand of Iraq.  Perhaps it’s because my youngest son Joshua, is oh-so-close to making Sergeant in the USMC (Reserves).  Yes … I’m partial to the USMC … I’ll admit it!  But there are reasons far beyond my own two sons.  There are Marines like Tim Lamar.

Tim, originally from Holland (MI), has spent the last 26 years of his life as a Marine.  He’s seen the truth and realities of Iraq … you know, the kind of reality that CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the like never seem to discover … or if they do happen to capture some footage, it seems to get lost in the shuffle before it hits the television screens of the world (sic).  But during our conversation before, during, and after lunch, I discovered that Tim embraces a value system that not only resonates with me personally, but a value system that is rooted in the very principles upon which this great nation was founded over 230 years ago.

What a privilege to spend a couple of hours with another of the unsung, living heroes … the men (and women) whom we as Americans often take for granted … our military.  So, the next time you see one of America’s men and women in uniform, why not take a moment to shake their hands and thank them for protecting our borders and keeping us free?

And, BTW, do you pray?  If so, would you pause right now to pray, thanking the God of Heaven for Marines like Tim Lamar, and asking Him to protect and strengthen those who keep us free?  And, if you’re already praying for SgtMjr Lamar, go ahead and pray for me.  We’re going to be working on a date when I will address the Marines stationed at Selfridge ANG in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.