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Pondering our Past, Present, & Future 9-11s

Dale on Coronado (CA)

Dale on Coronado (CA)

September 11 … has become one of those defining moment days for America. Most of us can share where we were and what we were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001, as America’s—yea, the world’s—attention turned to their radios and televisions to follow the unthinkable events unfolding in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.

Yes, Americans’ lives were changed in moments, to be sure, but the ripple effect has changed the world … but not always for the better. For example, I much prefer the “good old days” when air travel was (for the most part) a pleasure rather than a hassle … when passengers’ spirits were somewhat carefree and their focus was on their destinations and the activities in which they would engage.

However, I sometimes wonder if the greatest impact has been lost in the shuffle for many people, and that is the impact on families who lost a loved one or friend. While busy travelers mutter and complain about luggage content restrictions (not to mention the insane charges) and security lines in airport terminals, scattered around the world are 3000 families with an empty seat at their tables and holes in their hearts. If America does anything each year on September 11, we in the land of the living should spend our day remembering those who lost their lives.

However, I am not convinced by the politicians, especially those inside the Beltway, that it is much more than a photo op for many of America’s politicians—and the higher to position, the more I believe that is true. “Why would you say such a thing?” you may be asking. I respond with two basic words—attitudes and actions.

When one is sincere, other perceive it from their attitudes—if not immediately, then certainly over a period of time. Further, sincerity is reflected in our actions. For example, on 9-11-01, I first heard the news on my truck radio as I drove to a meeting for ministers in Michigan. However, upon our arrival to hear 2-3 men speak to our organization, we instead followed the events on television for a little while, then spent the remainder of our conference time in prayer.

BTW, do you pray? If so, let me encourage you to consider how we pray … as individuals, as leaders, and as a nation.

America doesn’t need an encouragement from the White House lawn for a “moment of silence.” We need authentic prayers of repentance, and what better way to secure the future of America and Americans than by appealing passionately to the same God that William Bradford and the Pilgrims of the Mayflower knew, asking His provision and protection? We need God in America again—and that is more than a nice song by Carman!

Our nation has come a long way (and in the wrong direction) from our first president George Washington, who knelt in prayer with broken and contrite heart, to our current president who barely musters a moment of silence for political correctness! “Oh, but Dale, you can’t judge the president’s motives!” you may be thinking. I don’t have to—I can see his actions—the fruit of the decisions that he has been making since taking the highest office in our nation and bringing it to shame.

Since America is in trouble—academically, financially, morally, and spiritually—let’s come back to the signature question of my blog posts. BTW, do you pray? If so, are you praying for God’s Spirit to move mightily on our nation? Are you pleading … daily … with Him for a spiritual awakening in America?

All human attempts at freedom and security will falter and fail, while prostrating ourselves before God in repentance and petition leads to total freedom and eternal security (yes, play on words intended)! Cheers!