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A Cup of Coffee

As I placed the Maxwell House coffee pod into the Keurig earlier today, a smile burst onto my face as a flood of memories from childhood raced through my mind in a nanosecond!  The predominant memory was of my grandfather—Garfield Blaine Peterson.

Keurig Maxwell House

Most people in our rural community knew him as Blaine, although some older adults referred to him as G.B., but to my siblings and me, he was just Papaw.  To Aunt Mildred, he was Daddy.  He owned the largest dairy farm anywhere around in the 1950s and early 1960s, though it would pale in comparison to today’s dairy farmers who milk 4000-5000 head of cattle per day.

I remember the old farmhouse where Mamaw—Omega (Graybeal) Peterson—lived when I was a young lad, complete with the wall-mounted telephone that you cranked to ring the operator, who then connected your call.  Later in my pre-teen years, Dad and Papaw built a modern ranch-style brick house for my grandparents.

Great memories were made for me in both those houses—like practicing the songs that I would sing for church.  Mamaw would play my accompaniment on the old upright piano that sat in the living room, while Mom would “coach” from the davenport.  I still remember the first song that I sang as a solo—Near to the Heart of God.  Both Mother and Mamaw insisted at each rehearsal that I sing all three stanzas—but I wanted to do only two.


When I was introduced that Sunday morning, Mamaw played and I sang the first verse and chorus—and then it hit me!  I’m the one in charge here, and there’s nothing anyone can do if I skip the second verse!  I boldly launched into verse three, followed by a closing chorus, and sat down.  Perhaps memory fails me, but I don’t recall either Mother or Mamaw being upset because I failed to follow their directives—they were probably too proud of little Dale.  However, if they did remember, I was probably spanked … seems like I was spanked for about everything in those days!

But I digress … and you’re wondering what any of this has to do with Maxwell House Coffee, I suppose!

One of the great memories that I carry close to my heart is the scene I would see in the mornings when I spent the night with Mamaw and Papaw.  I would slide my way from bedroom to kitchen in my socks, rubbing my eyes as I shuffled along.  Then, squinting in the early morning light, I would see something that would influence my entire life to-date!

Sitting at the table would be Papaw—sipping a steaming cup of Maxwell House coffee and reading his Bible.  That was the scene that popped into my mind this morning as I closed the lid of the coffee maker down onto the Maxwell House k-cup!  Although I doubt that Papaw planned for his Bible and his brew—actually his cup of coffee was not brewed, it was instant—to impact his grandson, I did!

That impactful scene got me to thinking—I wonder what habits of my own are impacting those around me?  Is or has the influence been healthy or detrimental to others?  That’s a provocative thought, isn’t it?

BTW, do you pray?  If so, perhaps you would join me in asking God to help us develop, maintain, and hone habits that are wholesome—for us as well as for others.  We have little clue of the impact our lives are having on those around us.  My prayer is that the influence is to their benefit.

Oh, look!  My cup is empty!  I’m heading back to the kitchen for another cup of Maxwell House.  Cheers!