Anniversary #12

To say that 2020 has been quite a unique year would be an understatement. While it has been taxing to everyone, 2020 may be the worst year of your life, especially if you or a family member has been directly affected by COVID-19.

In reality, life is filled with periodic testing for each of us—accidents, valleys, storms, health issues, heartaches. We cannot choose the troubles that blow into our lives, but each of us can and will choose how we respond to them. The Old Testament character Job certainly experienced multiple calamities.

Interesting, Job’s reaction in his time of troubles was quite different than Mrs. Job’s! Job was so trusting of God that he resolved, “Though He (God) may slay me, I will keep trusting Him!” His wife chose a different approach, sadly— “Just curse God and die!” Maybe she knew that Job had a huge life insurance policy!) 😊 But I digress …

As I consider 01 November 2020, today I’m reminded that even when life throws us calamity, we can still find our “Phoenix” arising from the ashes. Why do I say that?

After a divorce that rocked my entire world, proverbially turning it upside down for a few years, a wonderful event took place. Twelve years ago, today, I stood under a small gazebo, overlooking the ocean in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and married one of the sweetest women on earth!

The Homily 

From those difficult days, we still enjoy several close friendships. However, the greatest blessing for me was finding rather spontaneously a spouse—who is still my friend, and one of the greatest things that ever happened in my life! Happy twelfth anniversary, Debbie!

BTW, do you pray? If so, then perhaps during the difficult days of COVID 2020, or whatever stressful storm may be threating you at this time, why not look to God and ask Him to help you? While neither you nor I know the future, He does, and we can trust Him to do what is best.

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